The lore of the Legrand Legacy

The game takes place in the world of Legrand, in which the war between the kingdoms of Fandor and Althea plunged the world into chaos. The main hero of the Legrand Legacy is Finn slave-gladiator, who also suffers from amnesia and remembers nothing but his name, is thrown into the battle against the champion.

And when the Finn was about to be smeared, like others before that, mystical forces awaken in him and with one deft and accurate blow he takes out the champion of the arena, which caused discontent of the authorities and they wanted to execute him already, but then a mysterious old man appears, impressed Finn’s skill, and redeems him. The old man asks the Finn to escort him through the dangerous desert so that he can deliver medicine to his sick daughter.

What is the gameplay of Legrand Legacy?

Enemies are visible on the screen and when they collide with them, the battle begins, the combat system is made in a turn-based style with a rather deep tactical component. First, you give commands to your three fighters, after which the battle begins, where everyone takes turns. The main feature is that each action is accompanied by a kind of QTE or smart Dst (Diction Circle Tetro) in the manner of the one that can be seen in the Shadow Hearts series. A circle appears on the screen, inside of which a small special “strike” zone is marked, as well as a moving “hour” hand and the name of the button to be pressed when the arrow passes through a special “strike” zone the very same “strike” zone is also divided into 2 parts – most of the “dood”, which is the main one, oh also small “perfect”.

If you get into the “dood” zone, then the character will perform an action without any bonuses, but if you get into the “regfect”, then expect an increased effect from the action, such as an increase in damage dealt and whether it is completely blocked if the “defense” command is selected. If you miss the strike zone, the character will perform an action, but with reduced parameters and a high probability of a miss. In addition to the standard attack, each character has a set of unique Grimoire skills, which have 4 slots and must be equipped before the battle require nothing to use and have no cooldown, but every battle in the Legrand Legacy game has a chance to interrupt the opponent’s action, whether it be a normal attack or a skill, and a character preparing a skill is the most vulnerable to “interruption”.

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So you need to carefully evaluate your chances, as well as choose the right formation in Legrand Legacy .

Melee fighters cannot hit from the “second row”, and ranged fighters have low defense and being in the “first row” are very vulnerable. So by placing the fighters as needed, you can significantly increase your chances of survival and successful use of the skill over time, the characters will change class, which will give access to skills of a higher level physical damage in the Legrand Legacy game is divided into three types: chopping, crushing, piercing and works against each other friend on a rock-paper-scissors basis. There are also 7 elements in Legrand Legacy: fire, water, earth, lightning, wind, light, darkness, and which work against each other according to a similar principle.

Also, during the battle in Legrand Legacy, each character slowly gains an “AP” scale, when filling it, the character gets the opportunity to conduct a powerful Arcana special attack, unique for each character. Like for skills, each character has four slots for using items, where you need to equip the items you need before the battle for the victory of the nodes by the enemies we get experience and resources.

Having gained the required amount of experience in the Legrand Legacy

game, the character increases his level and receives two points, which you can freely distribute among five characteristics: strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality and fishing line characteristics not only greatly affect on various character parameters, but also open up access to new battle skills, each of which requires a certain value of several characteristics. Inventory, on the other hand, has a weight limit, and from time to time, accumulated trophies must be deposited in a warehouse that is in every city.
Landscape features in game play an important role in tactical battles.

The plot in the Legrand Legacy game, as befits an old JRPG, is linear and stereotyped in places, but still not so bad and pleases with a variety of events. The world of the Legrand Legacy game is very harsh (wars, slavery, social inequality, etc.) and is inhabited not only by people, but also by other races like walking lions Dhriman or a special race of people with Norn superpowers, and which is shown through beautiful and hand-drawn backgrounds and accompanied by personal music and effects.

The characters themselves came out very well, each with his own character and point of view on what is happening, which he is always willing to voice, which often leads to various disputes. In addition to the main plot, the Legrand Legacy game also has additional tasks that will help you earn experience and money, as well as various mini-games such as fishing, throwing knives, as well as battles in the arena or additional tactical battles, the reward for winning which will be money, valuable resources and with lava. There is also crafting in the Legrand Legacy game that allows you to use the resources received for destroying enemies to create both new equipment and various items, the recipes of which can be both bought and found during dungeon exploration.

The dungeons in Legrand Legacy

themselves are quite small, but with a bunch of evil characters and treasures scattered here and there. Also, over time of the Legrand Legacy game, the player gets at his disposal a castle that will become your base and which will need to be protected, and also improve it in every possible way by recruiting different characters generals (needed for tactical battles), sellers, alchemists and blacksmiths and pumping them. Well, as in many old games, the game from time to time pleases with very good CG-rollers.