You do not know what to write when you are filled with the wildest delight

Delighted that the developers of the game love Shadow Hearts and Suikoden – one of the most beloved games of this genre. From the fact that they borrowed the most interesting mechanics and gameplay elements from them.
From the fact that it has cool characters with touching animation of portraits, rich lore, good pictures and lovely music. Excellent and interesting quests for fans, various mini-quests, beautiful special attacks and gorgeous bosses. From the video clips, everyone was in ecstasy, and how much more everyone liked about Legrand Legacy can be listed for a long time.

But there are also some shortcomings

An uncomplicated plot of Legrand Legacy, which nevertheless unexpectedly shot. Along the way, there are a lot of different cities and few dungeons, which is why the dialogues are often lengthy.
Weight-limited inventory, the presence of which is only due to the fact that you drop things in time in storage. Despite the fact that things are there, they are still available for forging and crafting.
There was no need to use many items, consider all that do not heal. Because as such, our heroes have no healing magic, with the exception of a couple of weak loners. But there are skills for which nothing is spent, and super-attacks can be restored only after resting in a hotel, which looks strange.

There is no equipment in Legrand Legacy. Only weapons that can only be worn in the forge (you won’t be able to view it somewhere and change it to another one if you don’t forge it again).
The drawing of character models let us down, noticeably sagging in the initial city (they just messed up, starting with it) and in Ostia.
Despite the steam version of Legrand Legacy, there were several bugs: the inability to load if you use mouse control, several freezes during battles and one time the characters sagged in the scenery. The game cannot be configured on the left gamepad, at first it got confused, and then it turned out that everything is played much easier on the keyboard.

Well, a slightly increased fan threshold in terms of getting all the achievements. Upgrading all the characteristics and defeating their developer is a bit of a nerd! Complete Legrand Legacy in 15 hours when your playthrough took more than 50 hours?

So, what is an overall review of Legrand Legacy?

In the meantime, the game received rave reviews from fans. At some points, they twisted their face, but the game definitely deserves acquaintance.Perhaps for fanatics of the genre, the painted cons are not even cons at all: such people will not get anything from the game but pleasure. What do we all wish for fans.