Welcome to Legrand, a beautiful hand-drawn universe

Society is full of peculiar animals, destructive struggles and intriguing tales of revenge or vindication. Start an heroic escapade across this vast imaginary world and fight together with Chosen to bring peace to Legrand! Be careful who you trust, cause all people have their own mysteries.

The key features of Legrand Legacy

  • knowledge and stunning FMV, made in 3D cutscenes, an epic new music
  • 3D models and handmade objects are paired with beautifully customised hand created surroundings
  • Turn-based battles and scripts of operative actions on verge of imagination
  • Hire technician to restore left city of Doomsville, use mini-games or get rewarded by playing additional missions
  • Collect loot from beaten villains to create artifacts and improve arms
  • Customize artifact and spells that heroes may use in fights or when making battle formations
  • Give orders to army might of people in profound fights

Each city in Legrand Legacy game has its own characteristics and history

Of the shortcomings, one can single out average quality three-dimensional models of characters and enemies, clumsy action cut-scenes, as well as sometimes lengthy dialogues. Some tactical battles are very long or can even be a series of several battles, and you cannot save. A strange ending, which is promised to be “fixed” in the future. Also, if you wish, you can easily form a ton of resources in mini-games for crafting cans to raise your performance, which introduces a certain imbalance.

The correct placement of fighters is key to survival Legrand Legacy: Tale of Fate bounds is without a doubt a good play that has collected many elements from old games, but has not brought anything new to the genre. So, first of all, I will recommend it to those who missed the old games and want to go back somewhere 15 years ago.

Gorgeous animated two-dimensional backgrounds give the Legrand Legacy game incredible beauty

We want to warn you right away that the difficulty level in the game is above average and you will have to really survive, especially at the beginning of the game. Enemies hit pretty hard, and magic is very strong and the enemy may easily kill your character with a couple of spells.
Often you will have to level up, as well as change formations and characters, use a block and various items, and also select tactics against different enemies.It is also highly recommended to complete additional missions and fights in arena, because the reward for them is very good)

Why should you play the Legacy game?

For a fan-made JRPG, it’s an epic work, with the main source being Suikoden, unmistakably, from which mini-games in the spirit of strategic battles and one-on-one duels were borrowed, as well as a castle. You will definitely like it.