A good option to play for true JRPG lovers

For a fan-made JRPG, it’s an epic work, with the main source being Suikoden, unmistakably, from which mini-games in the spirit of strategic battles and one-on-one duels were borrowed, as well as a castle.
From other noticed sources of inspiration: Final Fantasy X (combat system, the root of which lies in the rapid change of characters capable of inflicting increased damage + limits on a certain type of enemy), VIII (each appearance of the future GG companion is accompanied by a separate GC video), I (the storyline itself a line about the chosen warriors + the evolution of their classes as you progress) and Shadow Hearts (attack ring). You will definitely like this game, but it also has some disadvantages.

What are the cons of the Legrand Legacy game?

The weakest point of the JRPG game is precisely the plot, which struggles to match the best representatives of the genre, which themselves did not shine, instead of trying to bring something of their own, something more interesting. Kingdom War – check. Races offended at each other – check. Amnesia for a hero who is actually not as simple as it seems – check. The whole storyline that comes down to finding McGuffins is checked.

Sympathy does not cause and most of the characters in the game, busy during its mutual accusations of each other in all sorts of sins. This happens all the time, even in the face of Armageddon. The Legrand Legacy game ironically tries to attribute this to their age, but even when one hero admits he was wrong in front of another hero, he, after two hours, starts blaming him again, moreover, the reason is not much different from the previous one.

It did not cause pleasure to play for such warriors of light and evoked the idea that the author liked the method of developing character relationships from FF XIII (which was also built on 90% of the game on mutual accusations). There were very few great joint moments in this JRPG, but the few that were made were very touching and cozy, which causes even more bewilderment – why did the author decide to choose a mutual hate as the basis? Moral growth above yourself?

And what are the pros of Legrand Legacy?

Impressed by the Legrand Legacy gameplay as a whole, the combat system, the solution associated with pumping parameters, I generally find brilliant. The author did a good job on the design of the local dungeons, even if it was sometimes angry (the wind in the desert causes damage, standing still on an icy mountain, you risk freezing). The emphasis on some Arabic aesthetics (despite the green fantasy meadows that have set the teeth on edge) also pleases. Great pleasure brings contemplation of the local GC commercials. Well, in general, playing outside the plot in Legrand Legacy is just a very interesting JRPG.

Is the Legrand Legacy game worth your time?

The best way to prove this article wrong or right is to play the Legrand Legacy game yourself. So, let’s play Legrand Legacy.